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Datalus Pictures C4D Logo 2015

Denton, Texas and Los Angeles, California

What We're About

At Datalus Pictures we allow our imagination to drive our creativity forward, ensuring that it has no restrictions, no boundaries, or limits placed upon it. Artistic exploration is our mantra, because we know that when content creators are free to explore, engaging content can be created. We aren’t a large Hollywood studio, and we’re okay with that, we’re a studio of artists freely exploring new narratives and ideas to entertain the world.

We do this through film, tv, web, comics, and video games.

Want to watch, read and play?

TransMedia Production Company

Datalus Pictures is a transmedia production company. Meaning we’re storytellers who use various platforms to engage our audience. In fact, when we create content we look at every possible platform opportunity for that content today, and for that content years from now. We are world builders, and we want to bring those worlds to you.

The Founders

Datalus Pictures was founded by four fellow University of North Texas Alumni, all of whom had a desire to create incredible and sharable content. With a wealth of ideas these four artists formed Datalus, determined to make things happen not only in their native Texas, but also in Hollywood.

Johnathan Paul
CEO / Writer, Director, & Producer

Johnathan is a long time writer, director, animator, and illustrator and painter. He has worked as a professional artist and executive for over 15 years.

Marcus Parkhill
Marcus Parkhill
COO / Producer

Marcus is a longtime executive, painter, gamer, and toy collector. Before joining Datalus Pictures he successfully lead his former company as CEO for over a decade.

Ethan Shirey
Ethan Shirey
CFO / Executive Producer

Ethan is a musician and entrepreneur and financial wizard. He successfully co-founded Ampersand Music School before joining Datalus Pictures in 2013.

Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dunn
CCO / President Datalus Workshop

Andrew is a veteran concept artist and illustrator. Over his career he has helped develop several comic, video game, and film productions.

Core Datalus Team

Datalus is far more than its co-founders. It exists today because of our amazing team of core collaborators. This team boasts two decades worth of experience in and out of the Hollywood system, on productions from documentary to television.

David Goodman
Script Supervisor / Producer

David has worked as a professional writer and director for over 15 years. He currently oversees all scripts that Datalus Pictures produces and co-created Night Fables.

Melinda Levin
President DataDocs Division

Melinda has countless years of experience as a documentary film producer and director. She currently works as head producer at DataDocs.

Michael B. Mullins
Director / Cinematographer

Michael is a long time Hollywood and major television cinematographer and camera assistant. He is also an accomplished director and producer.

Sharie Vance
Production Manager / Production Design

Sharie is a highly regarded production designer and manager. She is also an accomplished documentary film director and artist.

Andrew Nelson
Datalus Brand Rep L.A. / Producing Consultant

Andrew Nelson has worked as a professional in the film and television industry for several years. He has worked on several productions with A&E Networks.

Garrett Graham
Writer / Director / Social Media

Garrett Graham is a long time collaborator of Johnathan Paul and David Goodman and a jack of all trades. He is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker.

Datalus Pictures is a fully diversified trans-media production company. It's our mission to explore new ideas and spark creativity through our work. In essence, we create narratives that ignite the imagination.