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Exploring the true world around us, one story at a time.

What is DataDocs

DataDocs is a division of Datalus Pictures founded by award winning documentary filmmakers with the expressed intent of producing engaging documentary film and television productions for various platforms. // Everything we produce is meant to make people think about the world around them. We believe that incredible true to life stories have this amazing power. // The way we do this is by telling amazing stories that are visually pleasing, easily understandable, and highly shareable. // We just happen to do this through highly captivating film productions. // Wanna watch?

Upcoming Productions

Medal of Honor Teaser Sml

The Medal of Honor isn’t awarded, it’s earned. In this documentary film we follow the stories of three incredibly brave soldiers who risked it all for their brothers.

Paleonatic Poster Sml

PALEONATIC is a documentary film about an advanced amateur paleontologist. It touches on, research, field work, reconstruction and of course dinosaurs.

Past Productions

The Great Hanging

Directed by: Johnathan Paul

Written by: David Goodman

Produced by: Marcus Parkhill & Melinda Levin

The Great Hanging Poster Sml

A documentary film covering the tragic events in Texas during the month of October in 1862. Texas state militia arrested over 200 hundred suspected Union sympathizers, 40 of these men were convicted and sentenced to death in what has been known as the Great Hanging.


The Great Hanging aired on PBS “Frame of Mind” in November of 2016.

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Miz Markley & Me

Directed by: Sharie Vance

Written by: Sharie Vance

Produced by: Melinda Levin & Johnathan Paul

Miz Markley & Me Poster Sml

Inspirational for subjects and audience alike, this funny, poignant, and musical film is the story of two late-bloomers, with all the doubt and angst you might imagine, finding encouragement and validation from each other’s journey.

Don't Frack with Denton

Directed by: Garrett Graham

Written by: Candice Bernd

Produced by: Garrett Graham, Candice Bernd & Johnathan Paul

dfwd-poster-2 Sml

Tells the empowering story of how my hometown became the first city in Texas to ban the drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) deep in the heart of the oil and gas empire. I’ve already released the opening chapter of this ongoing story online.

Directed by: Johnathan Paul

Written by: David Goodman

Produced by: Marcus Parkhill, Melinda Levin, & Tania Khalaf

Hustler of Providence Movie Poster Sml

A short documentary film retelling the life circumstances of HIV activist and former sex worker Richard Holcomb. He’s journey is at time a dark and tragic one, filled with mental, physical and sexual abuse. Now, Rich uses those experiences to help others recover.


Hustler of Providence screened at several festivals and was a Jury Selection for “Best Documentary Film” at the New England Film Festival, as well as being in contention for the “Oscar Qualifying Short Film Award” at RIFF. Director Johnathan Paul was also nominated for directing awards with the IDA, Kodak Eastman, and UFVA.


DataDocs is a transmedia documentary production company that develops feature film, short film, television, and online series content. It is a division of Datalus Pictures a production company based in Denton, Texas.

Datalus Pictures is a fully diversified trans-media production company. It's our mission to explore new ideas and spark creativity through our work. In essence, we create narratives that ignite the imagination.