About Us

Datalus Pictures is an American transmedia entertainment company located in Denton, Texas with a focus on film and television production. Under its core Datalus Pictures brand the company is responsible for the award winning documentary films The Great Hanging, Hustler of Providence, and Don’t Frack with Denton. Alongside narrative films Technically Crazy, Garden in the Desert, and television series Fairview Chronicles, Night Fables, and Backwoods.

Denton, Texas home of Datalus Pictures LLC.

Imagineer Era

The original brand for the company was titled Imagineer Entertainment which was established in 2007 by Johnathan Paul, Marcus Parkhill, and Andrew Dunn. Only one film was produced during this era, a feature-length documentary entitled Unconventional.

Datalus Era

The company was rebranded as Datalus Pictures in late 2011. Since 2015 the company has produced a number of documentaries, narrative short films, and content packages for television and online platforms.

Transition from Documentary

Six of the first major productions by Datalus Pictures were documentary films. These titles included the Academy Award shortlisted films The Great Hanging and Hustler of Providence. Other feature documentaries include Unconventional, Don’t Frack with Denton, Circus City USA and Miz Markley and Me.


The Future is bright

Datalus Pictures strives to continually develop and innovate. Starting in 2020 the company is developing new branches to develop specifically for television, video games, comic books, and novels. A forthcoming online network will be developed as well, taking the place of PopNerdTV a pop culture platform developed by Datalus Pictures in 2014.

Datalus Pictures is a proud partner with the Texas Film Commission and focused on bringing larger high profile productions to the State of Texas.


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