Datalus Pictures LLC. is an award winning production company that has developed documentary and narrative content for PBS, Vimeo, Amazon, and more. We began professional operation in 2015 with the release of The Great Hanging.

A documentary film covering the historical events of the largest extra-legal mass hanging in U.S. History, and it’s longterm effects on a community. In October of 1862 Texas state militia arrested over 200 hundred suspected Union sympathizers and abolitionists. 40 of these men were convicted and sentenced to death in what has been known as the Great Hanging.


The Great Hanging was the Second National Grand Prize Winner for the coveted Best Short Documentary Film Award at the BEA Festival of Media Arts in 2017. 

AIRED 2017

In a life filled with mental, physical and verbal abuse Rich turned to drugs to numb the pain, he soon found himself on the streets offering his body in exchange for his next fix. One chance encounter changed all of that for Rich and he soon found an escape from the streets. He would return to the streets, but as a voice of hope for others still slaves to their addictions.

AIRED 2016

Fairview Chronicles is a television limited series developed by Johnathan Paul and Josh Gilbert. The trailer above is a proof of concept trailer with images from the pilot episode which were shot in 2019. The series is based on the series of novels of the same name written by creator Johnathan Paul.

The Garden in the Desert is a 2018 short film developed and directed by Anthony Digiovanni. The film explores the heartache and struggle of a man and his past through a journey in the desert.

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