Datadocs is a division of Datalus Pictures founded by award winning documentary filmmakers with the expressed intent of producing engaging documentary film and television productions for various platforms.

                              In Post Production Now

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PopNerdtv is an online network dedicated to pop and nerd culture topics. Join us as we bring original content and opinions to our fellow nerds.

Datalus Workshop is a collective of incredibly artistic and technically driven professionals
from the film, television, visual effects, design, marketing, & advertising industries.

No matter if we’re working for a major corporation or a small independent studio Our Team brings
spirit and passion to every project we work on and every client we work with.

An exciting and expansive trans-media franchise that calls back to the practical magic of film and television, and the retro experiences of video games and comics. In development now. 

About Datalus

Datalus Pictures is a Trans Media Entertainment and Production Company with offices in Denton, Texas and Los Angeles, California. With a diverse portfolio of content from Film, Television, Video Games, and Comics Datalus is continually striving to present new IP’s to audiences worldwide.

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